1 day a person got regarding Take advantage of J. Your Steel Tropical isle postmaster acquired considering the notice to help Harold Ames, protection specialist who was driving a vehicle so that you can Holden’s Crossing upon small business, we have spent five days using him.

is risen, no pug feels happier. A moon bark hangs vertically over a four-tower church. And the flashing stars are yo-yos, one believes after a fit: Poor Tony has the feeling that he can roll them up and down at will. Poor Tony Krause, Lolasister and Susan 1. Cheese had become foot soldiers at Bertra and Antitoy’s invitation in a curious matter called “Front-Contre-ONANisme” by Lolasister, Susan 1. Cheese, P. 1. Krause, Bridget Zartloch , Equus Reese and the late Stokely (“Darkstar”) McNair for a heavily cut package divided into six parts, wearing identical red leather coats, copper-red wigs and stiletto heels, and together with six male-looking women in wigs and coats in the foyer of the Sheraton Commander Hotels in Harvard Square had to hang around while an androgynous Quebec rebel, filling her / his red leather coat in a way that Bridget Zartloch turned green with envy and dug nails into her palms, walked purposefully through the Lucite revolving door from the Commander crowded

Commander came, strode purposefully into the crowded Epaulet ballroom and dumped foul-smelling, semi-liquid purple garbage from a trash can miniaturized as a souvenir into the face of the Canadian Minister for Inter-ONAN Trade, who was addressing the US media from a leaf-shaped lectern . When the androgynous Quebec dump truck emerged from the Epaulet ballroom and foyer, pursued by men in white suits, with earplugs and Cobray M-II semi-automatic weapons, the twelve decoys in the foyer should hysterically muddle up and through the revolving door into a dozen different ones Scatter vectors so that the security guards would see identical amphoteric figures staggering off in different directions, confused about whom to chase. Susan 1. Cheese and Poor Tony had the Antitoi brothers – of whom only the one who was responsible for the diversionary maneuvers in the Sheraton Commander and who was clearly subordinate to other Quebecers with far higher IQs – Krause and S.

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