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The number of women in the US Senate has risen from just two to fourteen. The electorate is definitely fed up with those same tired old men who look like a gang of crooks and liars. Isn’t there one of the 66 million voting age women who could pull the pants of this corps student? Not one? In my opinion, the country is also ripe for a black president. We already have one on TV, in Series 24, one of the most watched programs on Fox TV. Then there was Morgan Freeman as president in Deep Impact (and last time I saw him as God in Bruce Almighty!). Hollywood wouldn’t make a black man a god if it didn’t go down well with the citizens of Pittsburgh. And in 2003, 12 million Americans voted for a black guy, Rüben Studdard, as the winner of the TV competition “America is looking for the superstar”. We just have to find fresh, fresh candidates for the 2004 election and beyond who can kick the buttocks of their Republican rivals. So far it has been assumed that a presidential candidate must be a senator or governor. If a candidate is not a professional politician but a common man like the black activist and ex-manager of James Brown, Reverend Al Sharpton, he is not taken seriously for a second (though Sharpton made some of the smartest and funniest remarks of the entire campaign). What we need now is someone to finish this Bush off for good! Someone who is so popular with the American people that he will put that simple grin out of our inauguration ceremony in 2005. Someone who is our Reagan, an already well known person who rules and guides us with their hearts and the right people -269-

who can do the day-to-day business of the President Who is this person who could lead us to the Promised Land? Her name is Oprah.

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