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Buying a gasoline-saving car (industry experts expect hybrid vehicles will soon account for 10 to 15 percent of new registrations in the US) then they’ll storm the showrooms at their dealership! What on earth is going to become of this world – of such a world? 94 percent of the American public are in favor of federal safety regulations that regulate the manufacture and use of all handguns – and 86 percent want them to do so even if it makes them more expensive! Seventy-three percent of Americans are in favor of a mandatory background check of every gun buyer. They want a five-day grace period before actually being handed a handgun. They advocate the need for a police permit for any weapon possession, that all weapons should be childproof, and that no one should own a weapon who has beaten his spouse. And in states like New York, 59 percent are in favor of banning all handguns. In the 2000 election, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, defeated nine of the twelve candidates on its List of the Dangerous Twelve ( Dangerous Dozen) ”. This list included those MPs who had received significant financial contributions from the gun lobby. The gun lobby organization, NRA, spent more than $ 20 million that year, with most of the money going to two states, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which have many hunters in the hope that governors would be elected against a stricter one Gun Control, and Al Gore -227-

moreover there would be defeat. But what actually happened? Gore won in both states, and the residents of Michigan and Pennsylvania elected governors whom the NRA had previously called “opponents of arms.” In the same election, NRA-backed United States Republican Senator from Michigan Spencer Abraham was defeated by a Democratic candidate for gun control. In addition, the NRA has lost touch with the views of its own members, as evidenced by an opinion poll of NRA members in Michigan conducted by Lansing-based research firm EPIC-MRA: • 64 percent of NRA members are in favor of mandatory registration for all private sales of small arms; • 59 percent supported the provision that firearms may only be stored unloaded; • 68 percent supported the establishment of general safety standards for domestic and imported firearms; • 56 percent supported a law that allowed a five-day waiting period before a purchased weapon could be handed over; • 55 percent were in favor of banning high-performance magazines, the so-called high-capacity magazines.

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