Sooner or later another person came out pertaining to Steal J. The particular Rock Isle postmaster had given the correspondence to help Harold Ames, an insurance specialist who had been driving to be able to Holden’s Traversing in organization, after working five days having him.

“The Indian who was murdered was my friend, Lanny. She worked for me. Her name was Makwa-

“The Indian? My God, leave me alone, you madman! I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am warning you! If you’re smart, if you know what’s good for you, you son of a bloody spy, then you’ll be quick to forget anything you think you know about Ellwood R. Patterson, “Ordway said, jumping up and limping.” quickly as if under fire.

Rob J. watched him furtively the following day. He watched as he trained his porters, inspected their rucksacks, heard him admonishing them to use the morphine tablets sparingly until supplies came because the supply was almost exhausted. Lanning Ordway, he found, had grown into a conscientious and efficient member of the medical team. That afternoon he saw Ordway sitting in his open tent, pencil in hand, over a piece of paper. The sergeant was busy for hours. After the tattoo, he brought an envelope to the post office tent.

Rob J. also went to the post tent. “I met a dealer this morning who had the right cheese,” he told Amasa Decker.

“I have to take care of my stretcher bearers, don’t I? Better go and eat it before someone else sees it. I am now happy to represent you here. “

So it was that easy. Decker had barely rushed out when Rob J. checked the box with the outgoing mail. It didn’t take him long to find the envelope and put it in his mee-shome.

When he was alone in his own tent again, he took out the envelope and opened it. It was addressed to Rev David Goodnow at 237 Bridgeton Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Lanning Ordway. I’m at 119th Indiana, if you remember. Here’s a man who asks a lot of questions. N

Doctor. Is Robat Col. Will know about Henry. Talking funny stuff. Watched him.

Löchat me away L.wood Padson. Says we killed the Indian girl back in Illinois. Have a lot of options to turn it off. Aba I use my head and let you know, so that you can find out how he found out about us. I’m Sgt. When the war is over, I’ll be working on an order again.

Rob J. realized that in the middle of a war, where guns were everywhere and no particular attention was paid to even mass murders, there really were many opportunities for a skilled killer to “take him out”.

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